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The Divers’ Village Children’s Reading Group was incepted in 2013 after community member, Laura Dewar, realized that many of the children in her village did not go to school regularly because their parents did not have daily school money. Due to this unfortunate circumstance, many of the children could not read and they had no access to any viable and enriching programs.


The children enjoy a variety of activities outside of reading time, but unfortunately, they do not have the necessary supplies to consistently enjoy activities such as arts and crafts, baking, games, music, utilizing dance instruments and acting. The Traveler’s Contribution would love to support Laura and The Divers’ Village Children’s Reading Group by providing them with much needed supplies - we need your help!

Laura knew that there are so many tragic situations that these children cope with along with no schooling - and since there are no social services in Jamaica if parents are dead or are just not there to provide - the children suffer greatly. Laura decided to take matters into her own hands by starting a reward program for the children in her community to encourage literacy by building a library of lending children’s books. 

-Laura Dewar

“The children each take turns reading with help and are rewarded with praise, stickers, and a prize from the prize box. The children have never been to a toy store or shopped, so it is really fun to watch them choose and set their sights on the next prize.”  

Laura and Elvis Dewar

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